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The garden is about 3000 m² in area and includes a large lawn with an orchard at the back, a royal ‘court’ at the front

and a small private park with an impressive nut tree across the road from the house.

The orchard consists of a variety of fruit trees including peach, plum, Mirabelle prune, apple. You can also find blackberry, raspberry and red berry bushes and a hazelnut tree.

On the Western side of the orchard is a centuries old stone wall behind which is a lovely old Roman church.

The Eastern side also has an old stone wall and to the North is open meadow. Behind the orchard there is a large trampoline for the children.

Close by you will find an open gazebo, ideal for enjoying an aperitif in the early evening sun.

Between the orchard and house there is a large open lawn, perfect for playing or an afternoon relaxing in a hammock.

Between the lawn and house is the patio equipped with garden furniture and a parasol. From the patio there is a beautiful view of het garden and the old Roman church.

At the front of the house is the court, also beautifully furnished with shade provided by a lovely aspen tree.

The garden provides ample opportunity to sunbathe, relax in the shade, escape in solitude or gather socially.

With garden furniture in several spots offering views of meadows, woods or the 14th century Roman church.

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