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Layer-sur-Roche is not officially an independant village but a hamlet that forms part of Bissey-la-Cote.

Layer-sur-Roche is just 4:30 hours from Calais by road. The autoroute is quick, generally traffic-free and just 30 minutes from the house. On the one hand the area is not too far into France but on the other hand, far enough to benefit from the pleasant climate and different culture.

Layer-sur-Roche was recently included in the newly formed national park ‘Champagne-Bourgogne’, which provides a guarantee against industrial or other urban eye-sores on the horizon.

From the village there are several hiking routes which take you through the endless oak forests, the chances of running into another group of hikers is minimal.

Fresh milk and eggs are on sale in the village. The butcher, baker and grocer also make a daily round. If you prefer to do your own shopping, you can buy fresh bread in Prusly-sur-Ource or Montigny-sur-Aube every day (except Monday) just a few minutes drive away.

Just 12 minutes drive from Layer-sur-Roche you will find Chatillon-sur-Seine where you will will find several supermarkets and all your other shopping needs.

There you will also find a tourist information office with details of everything there is to do in the area, including 20 or more local hiking routes.


The area is renowned for it’s many small restaurants offering 3 and 4 course meals at reasonable prices. The general rule here is that you are better off having lunch than dinner.

Most of the local residents don’t eat out in the evenings which means that many restaurants don’t open in the evenings or offer a limited menu. There are a few exceptions, namely the Pizzeria, the Chinese restaurant and the Kebab restaurant in Chatillon-sur-Seine.

Swimming Pools

There are many opportunities to go swimming in the vicinity of the house. Firstly is the free open air swimming pool at Riel-les-Eaux. There is a subsidiary of the tourist information office here and in the summer months there is also a life guard at the pool. The pool is situated in an old gravel pit in beautiful, natural surroundings. Another possibility is the council pool in Chatillon-sur-Seine (older, but cheap and clean) or in the council pool in Recey-sur-Ource (new, small but very pleasant).

If you are looking for a fantastic modern pool you should try the “Amphititre” in Montbard. It is about half an hours drive from the house through the beautiful countryside and has 3 large indoor pools and a large open air pool.

The facilities here are excellent and for just 20 cents you can hire a locker for all your things.

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